Everyone needs passions in life and we focus on them to understand life critically.

We do this because we like to challenge ourselves, because we want to be better and find new incentives and motivations.

So how about I propose a game? Would you mind? Are you ready?

We're going to play consumers.

Clearly we'll go to the supermarket or at out trusted shop and we'll buy what we remember we need (because once again we're late) or just what we've written on our list.

Now, what I'm asking is... do we know what we're picking?

I don't think so. I know we choose things we need that have somehow attracted our attention because we've already seen them on TV or on a newspaper. What attracts us mainly is the way they are communicated to us. Now stop for a second and keep playing... but on a different level... the level of awareness.

Look at an ad or listen to a spot and, if you find yourselves perplexed because it sounds a bit absurd, then you're on the right path. In this game there's just one starting point... change, and in this change communication must be truthful and you, who are playing the role of the consumer, are essential for this revolution to happen.


Rossana Cavallari