On TV, newspapers, on the phone and while surfing the net, everyone is bombarded every day with massive doses of advertising messages, which are mostly misleading and difficult to avoid.

Not many people complain about this situation and those who do often plead for rules and evaluation criteria for ads, but their pleas go unnoticed.

Advertising control authorities struggle to have companies abide to their penalties and withdrawal orders: every time an order is enforced, hundreds of other borderline ads are created, which are barely decent and respectful of consumers.

Can advertising communication be creative and effective from a marketing perspective, but also meet scientific, legal and ethical criteria, as consumers would expect? According to EthicsGo, it certainly can.

We are the first innovative Start-Up in the communication sector and our services have already been certified, first in our field, by Bureau Veritas. We always answer legally and financially for our mistakes. Most importantly, we offer specialised services that enable companies, large-scale retailers and advertising agencies to obtain an approval and a certificate which attest that each communication message is allowed, true, compliant, effective and ethical.

We aim at satisfying everyone: companies, users and consumers.

Giuseppe Patat - CEO

Giuseppe Patat