The Methodology

The E.GO Methodology

The E.GO Methodology has its starting point in two large product groups: 100 Food and 99 Consumer Goods categories. These categories are examined in light of three areas of action: Product, System and Market.

EthicsGo services may then be divided by selecting among 117 different means of communication: 50 of written communication, 32 of visual communication, 8 of sound communication, 8 of audiovisual communication, 7 of digital communication and 12 of multimedia communication.

The methodology is used to carry out 35 different services, which may be spread through 9 mass media (billboards, audiovisual means, labels, radio, newspapers, TV, the publishing industry and the Web, phone) on 6 geographical levels (local, provincial, regional, national, European and International) in 60 countries and in 35 languages.