The Model

Our aim is quality. Or better, qualities

Our aim is quality. Or better, qualities. In fact, we analyse the product, system and market quality according to the law and through a scientific control: this is made possible by analysing the traceability of the various production stages, the control of the origin of raw materials and of the processing stages, the examination of the environmental impact and the ethical codes in use. In short, we verify the correspondence between the products and what has been claimed and declared in the advertising communication. We are concerned with the effectiveness of ads and their ethical quality. Ethical quality is a process and as such it must be constantly enhanced. Its attributes are clarity, sincerity and quest of the truth in every aspect. EthicsGo aims at turning ethics from a concept to a fact.

The first certified and liability-covered consultancy model.

The E.GO Consultancy Model

Creating an advertising message that is legally and scientifically compliant, effective and truthful may turn into a labyrinthine process: not to get tangled into it, we offer companies a flexible route, appropriate for every demand. We named this route the E.GO Model.

The E.GO Consultancy Model works with 6 consultancy Departments on 6 areas of action for 5 validation criteria to obtain 4 quality levels.


6 Consultancy Departments:

Ethical Communication Department
Main Department. It verifies the other four Departments.

Marketing Department
Its duties are to organise and orchestrate the other three supporting Departments, to create the message and to release Opinions, Approvals and Certificates.

Legal Department
Its duties are to control that each project is compliant to national, European and international advertising laws in force and to issue the Opinion on Admissibility.

Scientific Department
Its duties are to analyse technical specifications and lab test results, to verify the correspondence between the product contents and what has been declared in the ads. Its response determines the issuing of the Opinion on Truthfulness.

Semantics & Semiotic Department
Like a lie detector, it measures and interprets the effectiveness of advertising communication on the consumer. Its role is to contribute to the issuing of the Opinion on Effectiveness with the analysis of the message.


Three Areas of Action:


10 food parameters / 9 consumer goods parameters


13 food parameters / 11 consumer goods parameters


6 food parameters / 6 consumer goods parameters


The six Departments use 5 validation criteria:

To confirm that what has been declared on the documents provided by the client is legally allowed, compliant and permissible.
To ensure that what has been claimed in the documents provided by the client has a scientific foundation.
To signal the legal and scientific correspondence of what has been claimed, which is confirmed by the tests requested by EthicsGo.
To indicate the ability to obtain the desired result, i.e. to indicate that what has been claimed may produce the desired effect.
To verify that each of the other four criteria are respected, as well as all the ethical codes and self-regulation norms in force in the respective countries.

The Departments' response determines the quality level. The quality levels are:

1° basic level: LEGAL. It is the legal quality level, i.e. the minimum mandatory level: it implies ensuring compliance with national, European and international advertising laws.

2° level: STANDARD. Quality level determined by the voluntary compliance to the advertising self-regulation codes in force in the target countries.

3°level: SUPER. This quality level is superior to the Legal and Standard ones, and it implies the mandatory Semantic and Semiotic analysis of the ads.

4° level, the top: ETHICS i.e. ethical communication quality. It is the top of the scale and it indicates innovation of quality processes and all-round compliance of the communication, verified by scientific analyses demanded by EthicsGo.

The above mentioned quality levels are assigned by the Supervisor of the E.GO Model, who is responsible for scrupulously applying the process indicated in the procedural guidelines certified by Bureau Veritas. Moreover, the Supervisor verifies possible non-conformities in the service and applies the necessary corrective actions.

Who can request our services?

Communication, Advertising, PR Agencies

  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Manager


  • Food Regulatory
  • Export Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • R&D

Consumer Goods

  • Export Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • R&D

Large-Scale Retailers

  • Marketing Manager
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • R&D

Public and Private Entities; Associations