The first independent agency for ethical advertising,
with legal, scientific and marketing expertise


Can advertising communication be creative and effective from a marketing perspective, but also meet scientific, legal and ethical criteria, as consumers would expect?

EthicsGo was born to answer this question and to respond to the growing need to protect companies and consumers from the many misleading ads that can be seen every day on national and international media, especially for the food and consumer goods sectors. When adverts use misleading terms, they not only represent an act of unfair competition towards companies that release correct information, but they are also an act of foul play towards consumers.

EthicsGo fights against this behaviour by promoting transparency in communication through a system of cross-checks. This system involves independent bodies carrying out controls on a scientific level and through sensory testing of products, to then proceed with the semiotic and semantic analysis of the ways in which the products are presented on the market.
To this end, EthicsGo can provide companies with a certificate stating that their ads have been verified on a technical, scientific and legal profile. Moreover, it offers an effective creative service to design advertising campaigns (claims, messages, spots) which respond to the requirements necessary to obtain the certificate. Nowadays, transparent consultancy services and an ethical approach in mass media and public relations represent the only possible path to gain true innovation and quality for products and companies.

An ethical approach that can be beneficial to companies and consumers is therefore the main mission for EthicsGo, a new independent agency with has legal, scientific, marketing and semiotic-semantic expertise.


EthicsGo is an independent agency created by Mr Giuseppe Patat, the founder of TQF, a company which today is part of the Mérieux NutriSciences Group. EthicsGo's mission is to create and certify any means of communication - be it on TV, on the Web or printed - on the basis of the analyses provided by independent certified third parties. Our only inspirations are the principles of transparency, truth, legal and scientific compliance and ethics.
EthicsGo's activity is characterised by the semiotic and semantic analysis of messages together with sensory tests carried out on significant group of consumers and users.

The first international agency for ethical communication and advertising.

The first innovative Start Up in the communication sector, recognised by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development.

The first agency whose services have been certified by Bureau Veritas and liability-covered by the Lloyd's of London.

Network Consultants

Multidisciplinarity and the integration of skills are the strong points of EthicsGo. The analysis of over 235 forms of communication and 10 types of media across 100 food categories and 99 consumer goods destined for 35 different languages in 60 countries requires a team that a start up could not afford.
Each of the consultants is required to apply the E.Go Model, share the Code of Ethics and have a strong specialization in their sector. EthicsGo measures this specialization through the attribution of the level of quality achieved (Legal Standard, Super, Ethics) to each consultant.
The team is made up of professionals, lawyers, university professors, laboratories and universities.
This start-up employs 209 consultants, each specialized in their own sector, divided as follows:



Prof. Avv. Raffaele Torino, Associate Professor of Private Law at Roma Tre University.

TQF (Total Quality Food): Founded by Mr Giuseppe Patat in 1992, it is now part of Mérieux NutriSciences and provides companies with legal and scientific consultancy.

Merieux NutriSciences: after 45 years of experience in the sector of food safety, Mérieux NutriSciences has extended its expertise to the industrial sectors of water, environment, pharmacy and medical devices, personal care and cosmetics, agrochemicals and consumer goods. The company comprises 75 laboratories in 18 countries and now aims at increasing its presence in developing countries. Mérieux NutriSciences is a trusted partner for lab analyses, consultancy, auditing and training services, contract research and sensory analyses.

TQF (Total Quality Food): Founded by Mr Giuseppe Patat in 1992, it is now part of Mérieux NutriSciences and provides companies with legal and scientific consultancy.


The Nielsen Company: in over 100 countries all over the world, Nielsen studies consumers' behaviour, offering a complete picture of the buying trends and habits in relation with media.

Picta Studio Web Laboratory: creative design, mobile application, Websites, CMS and e-commerce, digital strategy, optimisation and SEO, performance marketing, newsletter and DEM, social media marketing

Scripta: printer and graphic studio

Marco Girardi: researcher, archivist and writer, he collaborates in the writing of companies' monographs

Martina Mancinelli: archivist, researcher, ANAI associate

Linguistic Labs certified according to UNI EN 15038:2006