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Codice Etico


Ethicsgo nasce in risposta alla crescente esigenza di tutela delle imprese e dei consumatori dalle varie forme di pubblicità ingannevole. Il presente Codice trova il proprio fondamento nei principi che sono alla base del modo di pensare e agire di Ethicsgo partendo dalla convinzione che si debba adottare una condotta professionale etica.

A Voyage into Ethics


On TV, newspapers, on the phone and while surfing the net, everyone is bombarded every day with massive doses of advertising messages, which are mostly misleading and difficult to avoid.

35 languages of Ethics


1. Albanian Etika 2. Arabic أخلاق 3. Bosnian Etika 4. Bulgarian етика

EthicsGo's Numbers


1 Ethical communication consultancy model, certified and liability-covered 3 Areas of action (product/system/market) 5 Consultancy Departments (Ethical Communication, Marketing, Legal, Scientific and Semantics & Semiotic Department)

We should be aware!


Everyone needs passions in life and we focus on them to understand life critically. We do this because we like to challenge ourselves, because we want to be better and find new incentives and motivations. So how about I propose a game? Would you mind? Are you ready?

A Good Communication?


“In the midway of this our mortal life, I found me in a gloomy wood, astray Gone from the path direct”

Let's talk about hot air


And by hot air we should means all that universe comprised between frippery and junk. Anything may be found between these extremes and if we don't want to get lost into it, we need to focus on one aspect. Our eyes today are set on the 'Medellín Cartel' side of TV ads.