1 Ethical communication consultancy model, certified and liability-covered

3 Areas of action (product/system/market)

5 Consultancy Departments (Ethical Communication, Marketing, Legal, Scientific and Semantics & Semiotic Department)

4 Quality levels (legal, standard, super, ethics)

1 Supervisor of Ethical Communication (EthicsCom)

5 Validation criteria (admissibility, truthfulness, compliance, effectiveness, ethics)

3 Areas of communication (Advertising Communication, Company Communication, Institutional-Political Communication)

2 Areas of Consultancy (Public Relations and Strategic Marketing)

117 Means of Communication (50 of written communication, 32 of visual communication, 8 of sound communication, 8 of audiovisual communication, 7 of digital communication and 12 of multimedia communication)

8 mass media (billboards, audiovisual means, labels, radio, newspapers, TV, publishing industry and the Web)

6 geographical levels into which communication may be spread (local, provincial, regional, national, European and International)

1 main service

35 services for 117 means of communication

7 target consumers (Communication, Advertising, PR Agencies, Food and Consumer Goods Companies, Large-Scale Retailers, Associations, Private Institutions, Public Institutions)

100 Food Product Categories

99 Consumer Good Categories (non-food)

30 Food Quality Parameters (10 Product/ 13 System/ 7 Market) that may be ethically claimed and communicated

27 Consumer Goods Quality Parameters (9 Product/ 11 System/ 7 Market) that may be ethically claimed and communicated

60 Countries

35 Languages

3 ways to provide the service (opinions, services, projects)

12 validation levels for the quality of communication (4 types of opinions, 4 types of approvals, 4 types of certificates)

2 validation levels for the quality of ethical communication (1 approval, 1 certificate)